"City of Queen Anne's Lace"

APRIL 21 – JUNE 24, 2017 -Wasserman Projects is pleased to present the exhibition “City of Queen Anne’s Lace”. Cuban artists Alejandro Campins and José Yaque capture the energy of Detroit’s bustling metropolitan past and the aura of the city’s hopeful future. Curated by Rafael DiazCasas, an art historian and independent curator based in New York City, the exhibition will feature new paintings by Campins and an installation and drawings by Yaque—all of which were created especially for the exhibition and speak to Detroit’s ongoing resurgence. City of Queen Anne’s Lace is being presented in partnership with Cuban Artists Fund, Galleria Continua and Sean Kelly Gallery.

Group Exhibition "After Industry"

FEBRUARY 3 – APRIL 08, 2017 – Wasserman Projects is pleased to present After Industry, an exhibition of new and recent work by Italian sculptor Willy Verginer, Norwegian painter Christer Karlstad, and Michigan-based photographer Jason DeMarte. The exhibition marks the first time that Verginer and Karlstad’s work will be explored in depth in the U.S, and the first time their work will be exhibited together and with that of DeMarte. While vastly different in style, media, and technique, these artists’ works offer a subtle but unmistakable commentary on humanity’s disregard for and attempts to control the natural world. Their installations, paintings, and photographs convey the psychological and physical state of a world engrossed in consumption, and as a result at the cusp or just beyond collapse. On view through April 7, After Industry will immerse audiences in an aesthetically rich experience, while also providing a platform to engage with important underlying themes, including consumerism, human impact on the environment, and the effects of mass production.

After Industry will also feature work by Verginer’s son, Christian Verginer, including several wall reliefs, made of wood and depicting scenes of forests. The exhibition marks a U.S. premiere for the artist.


SEPTEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 17, 2016 – Wasserman Projects will present an exhibition of works by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, whose wide-ranging oeuvre includes photography, sculpture, mixed-media installation, video, and living art initiatives. The exhibition marks the newest phase of Vanmechelen’s ongoing, 20-year-long Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP), which crossbreeds chickens from around the world as a means of exploring cultural, biological, and aesthetic diversity. Featuring the artist’s 2D- and 3D-works, alongside live chickens from CCP, the exhibition highlights the artist’s engagement with ideas of singularity and duality as manifested in the crossbreeding process and his metaphoric representations of the chicken and the egg. Titled Energy/Mass, the exhibition will remain on view through December 17, 2016


SEPTEMBER 7 – 11, 2016 – Colnaghi is pleased to present an exhibition of European paintings and sculpture at Wasserman Projects in Detroit from September 7 through 11, 2016. Old Masters / New World is the renowned London-based gallery’s first exhibition in the city, and will feature works of art from the 15th to the 18th centuries, including important paintings by such artists as Frans Francken, Gaetano Gandolfi, and Jusepe de Ribera and sculpture by Pedro Duque y Cornejo, among others. The company’s first collaboration with Wasserman Projects, a gallery and exhibition space housed in a converted firehouse in Detroit, the exhibition supports Colnaghi’s mission to engage and excite audiences by presenting Old Masters within contemporary contexts, highlighting these extraordinary works’ relevance and relationship to the 21st century experience.

ESTHER SHALEV-GERZ: Space Between Time

APRIL 29 – JULY 9, 2016 – Wasserman Projects is pleased to present Space Between Time, a solo exhibition of artist Esther Shalev-Gerz. Working in a variety of media, Shalev-Gerz unfolds histories and cultural identities by opening dialogues with individuals, drawing upon their testimonies to elaborate upon their individual and collective memories, desires, opinions and experiences amidst the construction of time.


FEB 26, 2016 – Panel discussion held in conjunction with the exhibition “desire bouncing” (Sean Anderson, Cynthia Davidson, Reed Kroloff, Mitch McEwen, and Alex Schweder). Doors at 7:30 pm, discussion will begin at 8:00 pm.


FEB 5 – APR 9, 2016 – Wasserman Projects presents DESIRE BOUNCING featuring Performance Architecture works by Alex Schweder, and architecture inspired paintings by Alejandro Campins and Nancy Mitchnick. Opening Reception on Friday, February 5, 6-10 pm.


Wasserman Projects, an independent, interdisciplinary arts space, will open its doors in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market district September 2015


Featuring large-scale interactive installations by Markus Linnenbrink, Nick Gelpi and JonBrumit. Opening reception on Friday, September 256-10 pm.