Christer Karlstad (b. 1974) is a figurative painter born in Rælingen, Norway. He studied at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts and The Glasgow School of Art. His works have been acquired by Arts Council Norway, Statoil, DNB and Rælingen City Hall.

The chosen operating space for all my paintings is long since established – a landscape where cities exist only as a distant memory and where the people and animals populating them are recognizable, yet alien. Where rules are unknown and where ambiguous narratives and hierarchies have been reshuffled. Depictions of realistic situations give way to a different agenda. My compositions revolve around a tableau where normality is challenged, replaced or altogether consumed by something else – something unknown. Symbolically charged yet intimate scenarios related to existence or existential paintings. Good or evil, comforting or disturbing, dead or only sleeping – these are not mysteries to be solved. In the questions themselves lay the answers.