JULY 13 – AUGUST 30, 2018

Wasserman Projects is pleased to present Color-aid, an exhibition of new and recent works by New York- and Paris-based painter Ken Aptekar, Cologne-based artist Peter Zimmermann, and Detroit-based sculptor and ceramicist Abigail Murray. Together, these artists’ vividly-colored and highly-textured paintings, photographs, and ceramics will engage viewers in a sensory experience that highlights our emotional and psychic responses to visual stimuli. While each artist’s practice is guided by distinctly different formal and conceptual approaches, their work is connected by a rich use of color, surface, and pattern to convey deeper held social and cultural commentaries. In his paintings and photographs, Aptekar juxtaposes fragments of historical paintings with contemporary phrases and pop music lyrics to suggest an alternative perspective on hierarchies of class and culture. With his glossy, poured resin canvases, Zimmermann distorts sourced imagery into pure abstraction, examining the impact of screens and digital tools on our experience of art. Guiding the viewer through the exhibition space is a site-specific installation of Murray’s ceramics, positioned atop brightly painted pedestals, in still-life vignettes, which highlight the marriage between form and function in her work. This layering of meaning and technique across the featured works offers an intriguing invitation to look deeply and find unexpected connections. The exhibition will remain on view through August 30, 2018.