In lieu of the most recent Executive Order in regards to coronavirus (COVID-19), we are temporarily suspending all in-person viewing appointments.

Wasserman Projects is pleased to present our Fall 2020 Exhibition, “Never Normal”, in collaboration with the design collective, FORM&SEEK. This exhibition upholds Detroit as a platform for new and experimental design, featuring over 20 Detroit-based and connected designers:

Aaron Blendowski, Annie Meyer, Aratani Fay (Ayako Aratani & Evan Fay), Bilge Nur Saltik, Brett Evans & Karen Lee, Cody Norman, Donut Shop, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, END Studio (Elise DeChard, Sophie Yan, Kapish Kaur Cheema), EXTENTS, Hayden Richer, Irina Flore, Joonghan Bae, Joseph Parr, Kyle Joseph, Mark Dineen, Michael Neville, Nicholas Tilma, Phoebe Kuo, Simon Anton, Studio Herron, SUBSTUDIO (Hannah Dewhirst & Ingrid Schmidt), Sunny Kim.

Shown alongside works from artists: John Dante Bianchi, Maritza Caneca, Dorota & Steve Coy, Chris Hyndman, Summer Wheat, Adrian Wong, and Marela Zacarias.

“Never Normal” is an exhibition that expresses the ever-changing viewpoint of the designer’s perspective on the built world. The future now seems inscrutable, provoking us to think of the possibilities and opportunities for change in human behaviors and our environment. Looking away from the conventional means of solving problems, the works in this exhibition seek to reexamine and reevaluate our personal relationships to our domestic landscape. Through craft or making, these designers are able to express value, preciousness, and care that offer intuitive moments of clarity on contemporary issues in response to the needs of a society in flux.

A selection of works by Wasserman Projects’ artists will also be on display throughout the “Never Normal” installations.