FALL 2023


Beth Lipman & Laura Letinsky
Brian Bailey PALETTE / PALATE in Wasserman Works


Beth Lipman Laura Letinsky Sculpture Glass Photography Art Exhibition

Wasserman Projects is pleased to present our Fall exhibition, “SHIFTING FREQUENCIES”, featuring Laura Letinsky (Chicago, IL) and Beth Lipman (Sheboygan Falls, WI).

The impossibility of capturing the moment. The impermanence of the present. The persistence of life. These are among some of the many themes being explored in both artists’ practice. True to that intangible nature, Letinsky and Lipman do not restrict themselves to a singular medium to express these ideas, as works in the exhibition range from photography to sculpture made of clay, glass, wood, metal, and found objects. While rooted in the genre of still life, Shifting Frequencies challenges the notion of stillness in their compositions that fluctuate between historic and contemporary, domestic and public, sacred and profane, high and low.

Beth Lipman is an American artist whose sculptural practice explores aspects of material culture and deep time through still lives, site-specific installations, and photographs. Ephemeral and intricate, the work addresses mortality, materiality, and temporality. Lipman is also known for site responsive installations that activate the specific history of objects, individuals, and institutions.

Laura Letinsky has engaged with the fundamental question of what precisely constitutes a photograph. Investigating photography’s relationship with reality through contradicting spatial cues and unsettling the picture’s assertion. Her still lives are not the typical temptation of a cornucopia awaiting consumption, rather what is left over just as the photograph itself is always after.

In conjunction with “SHIFTING FREQUENCIES”, Brian Bailey will be featured in Wasserman Works, with his exhibition titled “PALETTE / PALATE” a new collection of tabletop sculptures.