Hannah Knox


Hannah Knox’s paintings reference Greek myth, art and fashion, they are made from a selection of fabrics and cloths, ostensibly unpainted they are stained, poured, dipped, printed or sprayed. Shape shifting, they fall from the ceiling, hang out on the floor or gather themselves up to make a stand-in body in the room; actively embracing the world beyond the wall.

Her recent series of unbodied shirt paintings began in lockdown in March 2020. Sitting between abstraction and figuration, line denotes form, as the flat surface shifts to becomes sculptural. The shirt paintings are a space to project; they are self-portraits, a still-life, a relic, an old friend, a wish-list item from an online basket, a hand me down. The figure is present, but the body is absent.


Online Laundry.


The windscreen wipers almost match

The rhythm of the song on the radio

It’s slightly out

It’s slightly out

A line of paint describes the form

slightly out

The line of paint

A collar

A figure, nobody

No body

Jacket, shirt, jumper

The object

Is solid and liquid

I had a shirt like this

Do you remember

Mine, yours

Linen on linen



Put it in the virtual basket

The virtual shirt

We met before

I think

We met before

I’ll sing you a song

And take you back

To the cloth

On the grass

And the breeze

Brushed cotton

Leather and cedar

And the fathers and the lovers

And the club

Where we both wore plaid

And that summer in seersucker

The shirt is soft

The soft is neat


Hannah Knox was born in London, England, where she lives and works. She completed her MA in painting at the Royal College of Art in 2007 and has lectured in painting at a number of colleges and universities; including Chelsea School of Art, Oxford Brookes University and University of the Creative Arts Canterbury. Recent exhibitions include; “Greetings From Miami” at Hashimoto Contemporary, New York 2020, Common Property, at the Jerwood Space, London, UK, 2016. Solo exhibitions include Tempur, CSM Project Space, London, UK, 2015; ’BUFF’, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, UK, 2013; ‘Stoffbilder’, Take Courage, London, 2012. Group exhibitions include: Autocatalyticfuturegames, No Format, London UK, 2015; Reproduction Failure, Slate Projects, London, UK, 2014; Art Britannia, Madonna Building, Miami, USA 2013.