Help is on the Way



APRIL 12 – MAY 31, 2014

Cy Amundson, Cynthia Daignault, Matthew Hansel, Emily Mae Smith and Sean Landers
organized by Sean Landers  |

A few years ago during the recession, worried about money and the future, I stepped onto the elevator of my studio building in Chelsea. I found myself staring at a happy face. It was the “help is on the way” sign on the elevator control panel. It had buttons for eyes, a light for a nose, and what looked like its mustache was the phrase “help is on the way”. I got into my studio that morning and instantly painted those words onto a text painting I had in progress. Besides it having been funny, it was a timely reminder that help is often needed and given in life.

When I was a young artist, Judy Pfaff went out of her way to help me get started, as did Vito Acconci.  Both were teachers of mine in graduate school.   I, too, enjoy helping burgeoning artists.  The exhibition “Help is on the Way”  includes the work of four artists: Cy Amundson, Cynthia Daignault, Matthew Hansel, and Emily Mae Smith, who are former students of mine and/or have worked for me in the studio.    -SL