Jack Craig

Jack Craig currently resides and works in Detroit, Michigan. He was trained first as an engineer
(Bachelor and Master of Science, University of Maryland, 2001 and 2003). Later he worked for the US Navy on stealth technology before leaving to pursue a career in the field of design. He attended University of Illinois where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Industrial Design in 2010. Subsequently, he received a Master of Fine Art in 3D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2012. He is a Visiting Artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has taught at a number of Metro Detroit schools in including Lawrence Technological University and University of Michigan. Jack Craig currently exhibits through Salon 94 Design (formerly Johnson Trading Gallery).
Artist Statement
My studio practice operates through intentional staging of unconventional materials to force improvised situations and impromptu structure. He engages elements of the surrounding environment through a gauntlet of material abuses. Each is a measure of its possibilities – a way of parsing foreign physicalities into ordered function and purpose. Through dozens of studies, these made up technologies are advanced.
The Bronzed Stone Series are load bearing 3D line drawings done in molten bronze which once cooled act as exoskeletons ensnaring bits and pieces of the environment. They are Neolithic reenactments on modern materials – a revisiting of an ancestral progression that shaped a stick or rock first out of need and later out of desire.