Posted with permission by Davóne Tines. Written for Requiem For: A Tuesday which was produced by Wasserman Projects and first presented at National Sawdust Brooklyn, September 2017.  Created in collaboration with Helga Davis, Davóne Tines, and Reggie Gray.

Interdisciplinary performances embark on a deeper understanding of community and humanity in today’s world by breaking traditional forms and boundaries, daring to ask the question that perhaps beyond fearing death, we fear each other.

Requiem is a ceremony in music and dance where those assembled are invited to overcome fear by seeing each other. In this ceremony, music opens a space for the assembled to witness and thus face collective and individual engagements of mortality and fear. In taking part in such an act, the assembled will, perchance, understand that these actions are universal and thus fear of the other is not necessary as there is, in fact, no other.